About Us

Since our launch in 2009, we at Ironbelly Studios have sought to distinguish ourselves in the games industry through the distinctive nature and incredibly high quality of our work.  We don’t take on projects to create an asset, draw an illustration or simply animate a character; what we set out to do is to create stories and then bring those stories to life through our work.  Our passion lies within the details, and we believe that the richness of our past work speaks volumes to the discussion, planning, and research that go into the artwork we create.

Who, What and Why

 Who are we?
Ironbelly Studios is a technical and creative service provider, catering to small, medium and sometimes large game studios around the world. Our rapid growth over the last several years is attributed to our high quality and competitive pricing. This in turn has lead to larger staff able to tackle larger and more complex projects. As it stands Ironbelly Studios is now able to deliver anything from small scale to AAA across nearly every device on the market. We are equally at home developing in either Unity or Unreal 4, producing both games and non-gaming apps. Whether it is technical, creative, or design, Ironbelly can fill any gap in your pipeline, or handle the entire project development process from concept to completion.

What services do we offer?
We offer a full range of comprehensive services, under one convenient and efficient roof, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about tracking down and taking risks on multiple people with unproven track records. Not only will you benefit from the experienced that only people work on dozens of projects every year, but . The list below covers the primary items most people are looking for, however, if you have something special in mind, feel free to reach out to us on our.
2D: Concepting and illustration
3D: Organic, Weapons, Vehicles, Props, Builds and Enviro – From historic to futuristic and everything in between, toony, stylized or realistic!
Rigging, Animation and Mocap:Skilled with Mecanim, Straight up Unity or Unreal Animtree’s
UI design: Very experienced with nGui, Unreal Motion Graphics, Scaleform/Flash, Coherent or Straight Unity UI
Level Design: Advanced knowledge and experience with Unity and Unreal. Services include full documentation and planning, terrain, lighting, shaders, materials, post processing, and everything else you’d need done in the editor
* VFX work: Be it sprite based or real time particles using Shuriken or Cascade
Audio: Full soundtrack composition and sound effects
Programming: Scripting for both Unity(C# or JS) as well as C++ and Blueprinting for Unreal
* Writing: Creative writing services available for scripts, dialogue and game design

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 Why Ironbelly?
Price, quality, speed. Pick two. That’s the old saying right? Well, after 100 different projects, each bringing their own set of unique challenges and rewards, we here at Ironbelly have refined our methodology to attempt to break that old adage. Faster, more efficient systems and years of experience spanning more games than most studios see in a life time have allowed us to gather a team of developers, artists, producers, and designers that can produce high quality work that is both on time and on budget for studios ranging from small indie to full scale AAA. The bottom line is that you can’t, nor should, do everything yourself, so at the end of the day the answer to ‘Why Ironbelly’ is simply that we’re going to let you accomplish everything you can imagine and we’re going to save you time, money, and the headaches that come along for the ride.