What we offer:

  • 2D:  Model sheets to environmental illustrations
  • 3D: Props, Characters, Weapons, Vehicles, Full Environments, etc etc
  • Animation: Full Rigging and Animation for organic or in-orgnic models
  • Audio Services: Musical Score composition to Sound Effects
  • Level Design: Level Design Documents, Lighting, Interaction, Blocking the level and placing assets
  • Localization: Full localization services for French, German and English, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Farsi, French, Italian, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu, Chinese , Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Japanese, Latin, Polish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
  • UI Design: Full menu systems or HUD’s utilizing Scaleform(UE3/UDK/Unity4) or nGui(Unity)
  • VFX: With people experienced in both Cascade(UE3/UDK) and Unity
  • Writing and Documentation: Creative as well as business and planning writing services

Why Ironbelly?

  • All the work under one roof:  Gone are the days of tracking down 5 different artists for 5 different jobs or trying to communicate the vision of your concept artist in New York with your 3D modeler in Croatia.  The only thing you need is the idea and our multi-disciplined teams are able to take that idea through every step of the development process to get it into your game.  A character starts at Ironbelly with a concept and stays at Ironbelly throughout the modeling, texturing, rigging, animating and finally the potential VFX and SFX creation process.  You’ll be there every step of the way and because all of the work is done in house by teams who have years of experience working together the hand off and communication from one department to another is seamless.
  • Multiple Platforms, multiple engines:  We have years of experienced with the two powerhouse engines dominating the games industry at the moment: Unreal and Unity and all of the subsystems contained within, but it nGui, Cascade or Scaleform.  Both of these engines offer superb cross-platform flexibility for your project so that you are never limited to just one device and with our experience we hope to help you realize the full potential and reach the greatest audience possible with your next project.
  • Managed Teams:  Say goodbye to the days of trying to get updates from multiple contractors working on your projects.  All communication flows through a single channel and you only ever have to worry about expressing your ideas, comments or concerns with just one person.  Coupled with the fact that we have teams of individuals who have working together for years you also don’t have to cross your fingers that the ideas and vision will translate accurately from one discipline to the next.
For a greater run down of the services we offer please use the sub-menu that drops down when you mouse-over the ‘Services’ button and feel free to browse our portfolio for a better idea of what we are capable of in all areas.