3D and Animation

Ironman Promo render

Bringing concepts and illustrations to life in full 3D is one of the most time consuming and rewarding steps in the game development cycle..  It’s crucial to have not only talent and experience on the job but also to have people with an innate gift at their craft.  It’s this gift that allows us to escape the wrath of the uncanny valley, creating characters, environments and props that create a strong emotional attachment with players.  It’s exactly this gift that we look for when hiring our crew and take great pride in having a team comprised only of passionate artists whom possess all of the above requirements in spades. Our Strengths:
  • Experienced with the nuances of Unity and Unreal
  • Experienced with optimizing assets for a broad range of platforms from high end PC’s to low powered mobile devices.
  • Can create assets, rigs and animations in a wide variety of formats such as 3D Studio Max, Maya and Zbrush
  • Talented with a broad number of styles ranging dark, brooding and serious to light-hearted and cartoony.
  • Specialized individuals in multitudes of sub-disciplines to provide the highest quality Organic, Hard Surface or Environmental.
  • Completely self-contained and fully managed teams, meaning increased efficiency and quality without any of the headache or overhead.

If you are interested in commissioning us for some 3D or Animation work please head over to our quote form here: http://form.ironbellystudios.com/request-quote/