Level Design

Laboratory Level

When our level designers, or any worth their weight in salt, sits down on a new project they aren’t just designing a level, they are designing an experience.  Probably the most comprehensive aspect of game design as the immense amount of research and planning goes into each and every level.   We start off with extensive documentation phase, planning out the encounters, the emotional goals, the intensity of the experience and combat scenarios.  We createdetailed schematics of every square meter, detailing as much as possible on paper, when adjustments are the cheapest, until we can finally block out the level, setup shaders, lighting and any necessary post processing.At Ironbelly we strive to produce much more than the level, we are producing an experience. Our Strengths:

Maintanace Room

  • Vast experience with both Unity and Unreal
  • Extensive knowledge with the most advanced shaders and lighting techniques available
  • Experience across all genres and all platforms from PC to Mobile from FPS to RPG
  • Cohesive interdisciplinary teams so that the environmental artists will work closely with the level designers to help realize the vision as accurately and creatively as possible
If you are interested in commissioning us for some Level design work please head over to our quote form here: http://form.ironbellystudios.com/request-quote/