User Interface Design

One of the most difficult, most demanding and probably most under appreciated steps in game development is UI design.  When it works perfectly no one notices a thing and when it isn’t perfect it’s the first thing rubbing players the wrong way.  It is tied into nearly every other system in the game and as such is responsible for how the player interacts with those systems.  A talented and experienced UI designer is probably the most difficult role to fill on a game development team, you need a creative artist, an efficient programmer and a mindful graphic designer all rolled into one.  On top of all of this he or she needs to be experienced particular engine you happen to be working with.  Fortunately we can alleviate the nightmare of trying to find this person as our designers are all of the above and have vast experience with Unity, nGui, Coherent UI, Unreal, Scaleform and flash.  But our services don’t end at the interface as we are very talented with the rest of the graphic design that goes into the final product, from company logos to the App Icon to the box cover.  Whatever your graphic design needs we are well suited to get the job done and blow some minds in the process!Our Strengths 

Sci-fi Load Game UI

  • UI’s designed with your games priorities in mind, be is the style, efficiency or your monetization strategy
  • Our designers are experts in Scaleform, nGui, Unreal Canvas and Unity, which means we can see your UI from concepting straight to implementation
  • We have years of experience designing UI for both the big screen(PC/Console) as well as the small screen(Tablet’s and Phones)
  • We bring the cost down on what can be one of the single most expensive and problematic tasks in a game’s development cycle 
  • Professional Logo and Product Icon design
  • Splash or loading screens designs
  • In-game icon designs for things like achievements, special attacks, paperdoll versions of in-game items, etc etc

If you are Interested in commissioning us for GUI work please head over to our quote form here: http://form.ironbellystudios.com/request-quote/