Before a single a stylus can be picked up, before a polygon can be created there needs to be story, it all starts with words. Without that story the imagery becomes flat and shallow, something which today’s sophisticated gamer will pick up on in a heart beat.    Our writers not only have a rich history in prose but also years of experience in game design, ensuring that the dialogue and narratives produced for your produce not only sound great on paper but also play out great on the screen

Example Writing

Sorry Doctor, I did not pick up any sound on my sensors.”

“Strange,” as there was another crash, “Okay, I’m going to check it out”.



The doctor looked up from the microscope and look around a bit. He slowly made his way towards the laboratory’s window. As he got closer he started hearing the shouts of a familiar voice followed by what sounded like an energy weapon discharging. He stopped and thought about-but couldn’t put his finger on-why that voice sounded so familiar. He shook his head and took a few steps closer to the window, straining to peer down the hallway.

“Doctor, please step away from the window.”

“Listen AMI” he said, turning around to face the direction where her voice came from “you can either tell me wha…”

Before he could finish telling AMI off, the sound of footsteps and a sudden exclamation in a voice more familiar than any other in the universe cut him off.

“What the.. who the fuck…” was all the voice said before a large explosion rocked the station, smashing the 2 inch thick transparent aluminum window. The doctor only had time to see some of the fire from the explosion before he was thrown across the room, slamming him into the wall with the force of a class 5 ion drive in full burn.


He saw more stars in the next 30 seconds than he’d ever seen staring longingly out the main lounge view port and when he came to he couldn’t believe what he saw. 


He looked around and saw that all the glass tubes were destroyed. All of the tools he used were destroyed, everything he could remember working towards was destroyed.  Smoke and gas were pouring in and the door leading out of the lab appeared to be jammed

He rubbed his head a little and moaned looking down. He realized for the first time that there was a man laying on the ground, he must have been propelled through the glass window in the explosion. He ran to see if he could help the man, but as he approached it became clear by the burns covering most of his body and the odd angle at which his neck was turned that there way no way he could have survived. He checked anyway, no pulse. The Doctor looked the man over. Even though there was no way to identify who the man was, there was something familiar about him.

“AMI! Who is this? And WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?”