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Working at Ironbelly

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    • Location
      • With a remotely distributed team, we’ve been pioneering ways to work from anywhere since 2009. With a strong internet connection, anything is possible!
        • Ironbelly Studios, Montréal, QC
        • From the comfort of your home office
    • Communications
      • We believe in the power of clear, concise communication and know its vital to the success of any project or team. With the latest tools, we empower folks to share feedback, ideas and suggestions to make our work better.
        • Agile Project Management tools
        • Discord, Slack, Skype and other preferred messaging apps
        • File sharing software to ensure speedy feedback
    • Type of Post
      • We bring on contractors and permanent staff to create a hybrid pool of talent. Depending on what your preference is and availability, we can find a place for you on our team.
        • Full-time employee
        • Full-time contractor
        • Part-time contractor
        • Intern
    •  Benefits
      • For full-time employees located in Canada, Ironbelly offers comprehensive insurance coverage. In some cases, there are relocation options for team members outside of Canada (who really like winter).
        • Flexible work hours and autonomy
        • Snacks and treats at our base camp in Montreal
        • Insurance coverage and benefits

Job openings


    • DEV
    • 2d Concept
    • 3d art | Animation
    • level design
    • vfx
    • ui/ux
    • ar/vr
    • production
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UE4 Enviro / Tech Artist

3+ years of experience – Remote – Starting ASAP

Character Animator

3+ years of experience – Remote – Full Time – Starting ASAP


5+ years of experience – on remote – full time – Starting ASAP

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