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Character Concepts
3D Indoor environment
3D abandoned environment

3D weapon
3D Weapon
3D Weapon - Crossbow

Logos and Icons

3D fantastic tree
3D Weapon - Rifle
3D Weapon Concept
3D Weapon - Crossbow
3D Realistic Arm, Hand and Fingers concept
3D Realistic Hand and fingers
3D Athlete
character Animation
3D Aminated Character
Anime Character
3D Sci Fi Environment
Encounter design
User Interface (UI)
3D Cartoony Building
2D character
Sci Fi environments

Environment Animation

Sci Fi environments
Sci Fi environments
Cartoony Environment
Middle Eastern Environment
3D Colesseum
Virtual Hospital room
3D environment level design - prison


DEV PC (Unreal & Unity)

Ironbelly Studios takes your ideas and forges them into reality.

We have years of experience in the two industry-leading engines, Unity and UE4, along with their internal utilities like nGui, UMG, Slate, Shuriken and Cascade. Between both of these engines we offer excellent cross-platform compatibility which, combined with our experience optimizing games for every platform under the sun, allows us to ship your game to whatever device you desire.

We Offer:

  • Gameplay Programming (C++ and C#)
  • AI Development (C++ , C# as well as A* and other Algorithms)
  • Network Programming (C++ , C# as well as 3rd party tools such as Photon)
  • Server side / Infrastructure Development (Windows or Linux)
  • Database architecture and server side security

DEV Mobile

Whether you want to port your game to mobile or build something with mobile in mind, our developers are up for the challenge.

Our self-contained and fully managed teams grant you increased efficiency and quality without headache or overhead.

We Offer:

  • Mobile app development
  • Quick Prototyping
  • Iterative approach
  • Ongoing support post launch

2D Character Concepts

Our connected and iterative approach lets you tap into the inspiration and creativity of an entire team at every stage of development.

Characters exist to be brought to life, and here at Ironbelly we make it so.

We start from scratch (sometimes with a pen and paper) to capture your imagination with stunning character concepts.

We Offer:

  • Realistic, Stylized or Cartoony Characters
  • Reference gathering
  • Model sheets for 3D modelers
  • Polished perspectives
  • Inspirational action shots

2D Environment Concepts

Environment concepts should not only be lush, breathtaking spectacles of a world-to-be, but entire stories yet to unfold.

Illustrations outline the direction and potential for any type of environment.

Offering both realistic and stylized iterations, we’re here to help narrow down your ideas early in the process.

We Offer:

  • Realistic or Stylized environments
  • Illustrations
  • Rich environment concept callouts
  • Schematics and level planning

2D Props

Tap into possibility and creative invention with a team of skilled artists.

We’re pros getting you to zero in on your vision for that next BFG by involving you at every fork in the road.

Our iterative approach means that you get to be as involved as you want to be, helping steer the ship in small increments instead of big u-turns at the end.

This allows us to protect your time and budget by connecting you to the concepting process, maintaining your vision every step of the way.

We Offer:

  • Reference gathering
  • Concepts and Schematics
  • Model sheets for 3D modelers

3D Organic Modeling

Our specialized organic modelers excel at smooth textures and flowing shapes.

Turning concepts into finished 3D work is one of the most time consuming and rewarding parts of the development process. Whatever you have in mind, our efficient workflow and pipeline saves you time and resources.

We Offer:

  • Realistic, Stylized and Cartoony
  • Highpoly Sculpting work
  • Photogrammetry
  • Retopo’d optimized models
  • LOD generation
  • UVs and texturing
  • Animation and Rigging

3D Hard Surface Modeling

Our team of specialized hard surface modelers can fit any style and genre you’re after.

Years of experience and valuable lessons learned along the way have equipped Ironbelly with expertise in hard surface modeling. From cars to weapons, we’ll take the lead while involving you in every step of the process.

We Offer:

  • Realistic, Stylized and Cartoony
  • Highpoly Sculpting work
  • Photogrammetry
  • Retopo’d optimized models
  • LOD generation
  • UVs and texturing
  • Animation and Rigging

3D Environments

Completely self-contained and fully managed teams means increased efficiency and quality without any of the headache or overhead.

A stunning environment can make or break a game.

That’s why we specialize in multitudes of sub-disciplines to stay sharp and provide the highest quality environmental art for your project.

We Offer:

  • Work with 3D Studio Max, Maya and Zbrush
  • UVs and texturing
  • Cinematic quality environments
  • Optimized, yet stunning, enviro’s prepped for the engine of your choice

Unreal Level Design

When our level designers sit down on a new project they aren’t just designing a level, they are designing an experience.

We create detailed schematics of every square meter, detailing as much as possible on paper, when adjustments are the cheapest.

We Offer:

  • Level Design Documents
  • Lighting & materials
  • VFX
  • Interaction and Encounter design
  • Greyboxing and prop placement
  • Optimization

Unity Level Design

Regardless of the engine, our level designers approach a project with the big picture in mind.

Our practice is to start off with extensive documentation phase, planning out the encounters, the emotional goals, the intensity of the experience and combat scenarios. We are always looking for ways to save you time and resources once the design work is underway.

We Offer:

  • Level Design Documents
  • Lighting & materials
  • VFX
  • Interaction and Encounter design
  • Greyboxing and prop placement
  • Optimization

Architectural Visualization

We have years of experience with both Unity and Unreal, and key members of our team are trained in Architecture and Interior Design.

We create comprehensive schematics of every square meter, detailing as much as possible on paper, when adjustments are the cheapest, until we can finally block out the visualization, setup shaders, lighting and any necessary post processing.

We Offer:

  • Highest quality photo realism
  • Obsessive attention to detail
  • Vast experience with both Unity and Unreal
  • Extensive knowledge with the most advanced shaders and lighting techniques available

UI Menus

All communication flows through a single channel and you only ever have to worry about expressing your ideas.

One of the most difficult, most demanding and probably most under appreciated steps in game development is UI design.

When it works perfectly no one notices a thing and when it isn’t perfect it’s the first thing rubbing players the wrong way.

We Offer:

  • Menu concepts
  • Design for PC, Consoles, Tablets and Phones
  • Splash or loading screen designs

Icons and Logos

Our services aren’t just surface level. They don’t end at the interface.

Our artist can handle the rest of the graphic design that goes into the final product, from company logos to the App Icon to the box cover.

Regardless of whether you are only looking for a logo, or design elements in addition to the logo, we’re got you covered.

We Offer:

  • Professional Logo design
  • Product Icon design
  • Integration and customization


Designed with your project’s priorities in mind.

Be it the style, efficiency or your monetization strategy, we will involve you every step of the way while saving you both time and stress.

As with other UI services, even if you have the rest of the game finished or you are starting from the beginning with only an idea, we want to work together.

We Offer:

  • HUDs utilizing Scaleform or nGui
  • Concepts and iterations
  • Vast experience with both Unity and Unreal

UI UX / Wireframing

Sketching out your ideas and thinking through the user’s experience requires a team of talent who understand what’s required to take a game from good to great.
We alleviate the stress of making sure that your UI is best suited for the task at hand.

A beautiful UI does no good if it is not intuitive and easy to use. That’s where our exploratory planning and wireframing experience comes in.

We Offer:

  • User flow optimization
  • Wireframing
  • Integration
  • Customization

VR Games

Gone are the days of trying to get updates from multiple contractors working on your projects. 

Streamlined communication ensures you are kept in the loop every step of the way.

Equipped with an Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers, an HTC Vive and other tools needed for cross platform development, we’re ready to start work on your innovative idea.

We Offer:

  • GDDs and early planning to determine the best roadmap for your game
  • Development in both Unity and Unreal
  • Experience shipping titles to Steam 

VR Simulations

Ideas can’t be limited to just one device or platform.

We help you realize the full potential and reach the greatest audience possible with your next project.

Whether it is an interactive educational app or a test drive of your latest vehicle design, we can help you bring your idea to life.

We Offer:

  • Development for the Rift, Vive and other VR/AR platforms
  • Proven track record of developing products for classrooms and showrooms.

VR ArchViz

Our very connected and iterative work approach enables us to tap into the inspiration and creativity of the entire team and allows you to have a far greater degree of input through the virtual design of your commercial or residential property. .

All of this is done under the watchful eye of an Art director who started his career at a drafting table. We’ll incorporate your ideas into an experience that drives business and exceeds expectations.

We Offer:

  • Fully immersive user experience
  • Highest quality photo realism
  • Obsessive attention to detail
  • Vast experience with both Unity and Unreal
  • Extensive knowledge with the most advanced shaders and lighting techniques available



Dev - Discovery

Development approach


At the earliest stage, it's all about sharing your vision, ideas and financial comfort zone.

Ironbelly carefully plans and documents each character, animation or level beforehand to think through scenarios and mitigate the risk that a client’s vision and budget might not match.


Dev - Prepro


We like to ask a lot of questions.

During this stage, the name of the game is detecting roadblocks and unforeseen challenges and ensuring there is a clear path ahead. It’s all about identifying risk or at the very least, marginalizing it.

Iteration process

Dev - Prototype



We work with clients to keep projects in scope, limiting the amount of surprises down the road.

It enables us to create the best possible experience for players in the most interesting levels possible.


Dev - Iteration


When other stages in a project’s life cycle have been well executed, this stage informs the direction ahead.

The team at Ironbelly invest time in planning and design documents so, as the project is taking shape, it’s exactly what the client envisioned.

Empathy 3D environment

Dev - Release

App logo design


Sometimes the last 20% is 80% of the work.

Ironbelly’s intentional approach to the release ensures all of the final tweaks, adjustments and performance tuning are taken care of.


2D - References

3D Character concept


Begin at the beginning. Its fairly even down the middle for clients who already have references and those starting from scratch without concept art.

Either way, our producers and artists engage clients in meaningful conversations about which references stand out. We ask questions about the overall vision for the character, environment, item or weapon.


2D - Silhouettes

2D Vehicule Concept


We never want to leave ideas on the table and so we want to throw a number of options at you early on in a rough and cost effective manner.

Very simple silhouettes to establish the overall shape and feel more than anything else. We will upload a silhouette sheet like the one on the right to box and ask you to tells us what you like and don’t like from them


2D - Line Work

Line Work

Using a virtual ‘pen and paper’ approach, the detailed drawings produced by Ironbelly’s Art Director reduce the time needed for clients to narrow in on their vision.

Establishing the style and direction for the character or environment early in the process means fewer hours spent on feedback or revisions.

2D Building Concept

2D - Iteration


It might take more than one iteration of a concept, but with client feedback revisions are limited, saving time and resources.

Our main priority at any stage is to stay true to the vision for the model and to stay on track.


2D - Texturing

2D Fantastic environment


Clients are there every step of the way and all the work is is done in house by teams who have years of experience working together.

The hand off and communication from one department to another is seamless.


2D - Polish Pass

Polish Pass

This is when we step back, look at design documentation and put the finishing touches on the collaborative work.

When clients are open to putting in time during the design process, there’s a smooth transition from idea to reality.

Post apocalyptic interior environment

3D - High Poly

High Poly

Ironbelly has very deep and strong roots in concept art, it's how we got our start back in 2009.

It’s a true passion of ours to take ideas in their infancy and flesh them out in painstaking detail with a high poly sculpt.


3D - Low Poly

Low Poly

Some say this is the stage when an environment or character comes to life.

Something about seeing the basic form begin to take shape, connects all the dots. We'll work closely with you to make sure that as we prepare low poly textures, we're hitting the mark.


3D - Texturing


Bringing concepts and illustrations to life in full 3D is one of the most time consuming and rewarding steps in the game development cycle.

Together with producers and artists, we make sure that once the textures are adding to the 3D model, everything else stays on track.


3D - Polish

Polish Pass

The last thing you want during the polish phase is too many cooks in the kitchen.

Completely self-contained and fully managed teams, meaning increased efficiency and quality without any of the headache or overhead.


3D - Animation


The proverbial flip of the switch, the electric jolt that flows through a character giving it instant personality.

Our team of animators have years of experience working with Unity and Unreal and approach each project as an opportunity to push the limits of animation.


LD - Schematics

Our approach Level Design


The schematics are the concept art of level design, the details may vary, but the importance of having a solid schematic design does not.

Working together with experienced designers, producers and artists, the schematics allow us to quickly plan and optimize the level layout for the experiences within.


LD - Greyboxing


Discovering how the nuance of the gameplay and mechanics determine the effectiveness of a level layout is a critical step in development.

Ironbelly designers take care to greybox out the schematics early so that playtest can start as soon as possible and changes can be made in the beginning when they are quickest and cheapest.

Our approach Greyboxing

LD - Clutter Pass

Clutter Pass

Clients who are open to putting in time during the design process will see a much smoother transition from idea to reality.

Whether we’re using placeholders or custom assets, whenever something might look a little too straight, or not quite askew enough - we notice.


LD - Mats & Lighting

Materials & Lighting

If a client needs us to, we’re ready to jump in at this stage. Or perhaps we started from the concept, now we’re here.

Our seasoned level designers won’t rush through the nuanced details of materials and lighting. Clients are involved at every stage of the process, working with Ironbelly producers and artists to reach successful milestones.


LD - Polish

3D Outdoor Environment

Polish Pass

Some would argue this is the most important step in level design.

Our team has a few opinions about that, but that doesn’t stop us from taking a methodical look through every feature of the level, every detail that others might miss.



User Experience Flow Design

User Experience

Before the bells and whistles of the menus we plan out the user flow.

Our goal is to lay down the menus in their entirety and organize the user flow in the most efficient way possible, giving us a high level picture of how everything fits together and ensuring that nothing is missed in our planning.


UI - References

Menu User Interface


Gathering and discussing reference material is the quickest and cheapest way to get on the same page and keep up to date on the latest and greatest that's currently out there.

Before pen touches paper, we assemble a library showcasing what similar products are doing. This way we can build upon the lessons learned from others as well as quickly hone in on exactly what you like and don't like.


UI - Wireframes


These form the scaffolding which guide the designs later on.

Similar to the initial UX phase, we want to quickly refine the layout and information hierarchy. By wireframing the screens first we can experiment iteratively with you, exploring countless ideas and find the most intuitive layout in minutes, rather than hours or days.


UI - Design

Concept and Polish

Finding the right style can sometimes be a process of elimination and this is where our iterative approach shines.

We save time and money by involving you early on with as many rough concepts as necessary, refining them based on your feedback until we are certain that we have nailed your vision. Only after that do we begin the final polish stage, taking those rough concepts and polishing them into the final product.

User Interface Design

UI - Engine Prep

User Interface (UI)


UMG, Slate, nGui, uGui, Coherent, you name it, we've built UI's in it.

Once the final designs are done it's time to bring them to life. We can take those PSD's, slice them up, bring them into the engine, create the widgets, add animations, transitions, VFX and SFX as needed. In the end you'll have a functional UI, aesthetically speaking. The only thing left to do is hook it into your code base.


UI - Integration

User Interface (UI)


Blueprints, prefabs or pure code - our team can implement the UI into just about any project.

The final step of the process can also be the most intensive as we will need to dive into your project and learn it inside and out in order to hook the UI's functionality into your projects systems. Once that is all done we do an exhaustive QA pass to ensure everything is functioning as it should.


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