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Fractured Veil

Fractured Veil

Paddle Creek Games

Ironbelly is leading the development of a survival game called Fractured Veil, set to launch in Early Access in 2021. The game takes place in Maui, 100 years from now after a global apocalypse has changed the world. Paddle Creek Games enlisted Ironbelly’s team to handle early concepts and then expanded the scope of the project to establish Ironbelly as a partner in the future success of the game.

In addition to core game mechanics, Ironbelly built an autonomous drone AI that is live streaming from the world of Fractured Veil 24/7. Viewers can follow the player’s actions in real time and with five different viewing modes. The team has pushed the limits of the Unreal engine and continues to surpass its current capabilities with custom programming and code.

Ironbelly’s Role: 
  • Programming
  • Level & Game design
  • 2D and 3D Art
  • QA
  • AI development
  • World Building