projects | Ironbelly Studios



Cyber Archer

A top down cyberpunk shooter for mobile with tower defense and base building mechanics.

Fractured Veil

A multiplayer survival game set in post-apocolyptic Maui 100 years from now.


Set in a pirate world, the players need to satisfy needs and fight against enemies while hunting for treasures and exploring.

BioInc Redemption 2

is a realistic simulation and startegy game in which you make life or death decisions.

Verizon Climate Challenge (VR)

Verizon trusted us with their idea to use AR to simulate the effects of climate change in New York City during the UN Climate Action Summit.

Penthouse Arch Viz

Ironbelly’s talented team created stunning 3D renderings of future Penthouse properties for Arch Viz clients.

Morphies Law

Morphies Law is a wacky mass stealing, robot morphing 3D shooter with a simple basic law: when you get hit by others, they shrink and you grow.